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Practice. Play. Perform

Here at Birmingham Futsal, we are driven by a single goal; to provide a platform for players to perform. Perform by taking risks! Perform by making decisions! Perform by taking ownership! We strive to build productive relationships with players, families, schools and clubs to help grow futsal and therefore, foster an environment for the development of creative players.

Site Director: Tristan T.

Practice Futsal

We offer camps and training programs throughout the year.  We start with our Lil' Baller program for players age 4-6 and progress to seasonal or year round training for ages 7 to adult.

play Futsal

If you just want to play futsal, we have you covered.  We offer summer & winter games for players who want to experience a true futsal environment.


We offer a 360 futsal experience with our Development Academy and International Opportunties.  Aimed at advanced players, the academy program  offer twice a week training, games and state, regional and national level tournaments.  This program starts with player IDs in the Fall or Spring and moves into team training to prepare for Regional, National, and International events. Several BHM Futsalers played Internationally in 2022-2023. Are you next?


Meet the team

We are incredibly proud of our coaching staff.  In 2022-23, we had 10 different coaches serving players age 4 to 18.

play Futsal

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That depends on which program you are signing up for. In the summer, we have training 3 days a week for two weeks at a time with games. This allows families to travel but also sign up for training. In the fall, we offer one session a week and in the winter we go to two sessions a week plus games.

A full breakdown of fees for all program can be found by emailing our staff HERE.  We have camp programs, training programs and winter training for our national academy so fees will depend on when you sign up.

We firmly believe behavior shapes your outcome. The mental aspect of the game is often neglected in youth sports. We want to change that. For us, coaching correct Futsal technique and tactical elements (tactics at the older age-groups) is a given. As such we focus on behavior to develop the player holistically

Yes, absolutely!! We encourage all our players to play outdoor soccer or other sports to supplement their development. We celebrate players achievements whether that will be with ATL Futsal or with another organization our players are involved with. We do ask players to consider the level of commitment to not have a detrimental effect on their own and their teams event but we will accommodate as much as possible.

We understand there is some reluctance to join our program if it may compromise your position with your team. Our aim and mission is to foster a culture of accountability, leadership, ownership and to help players become the best Futsal players possible. We highly encourage you to speak with your club coach/director to understand if there is a restriction and if so, find out why that is.

Our stance is that any player should always play in an environment they feel welcomed, respected and comfortable in. Whether that be at ATL Futsal or any of the many great outdoor soccer clubs in the state of Georgia.

ATL Futsal was the first and only Futsal program in Georgia granted USYF National Academy Status. With demand for the academy to commit full-time and travel more, we are often reviewing our policies to make sure it serves our families.  Our academy focuses on our players needs and not what other programs do.

We understand the sometimes heavy costs of youth sports. ATL Futsal try to keep costs down for our players and families by not asking for coach expenses for games etc. We also keep our uniform package low. Our uniforms are by one of the leading Futsal providers, Hummel so quality is not compromised! Our current uniform package runs until March 2024. For those who played in our inaugural season, the total costs is $148 for THREE years. That includes a home and away jersey, socks, shorts and two practice jerseys. If players want to purchase additional items they can do so

The uniform package is another example of us keeping trying to keep costs down.

All BHM Futsal coaches are required to complete the USYF Level 1 & 2 courses.  Many have also completed the USC Futsal Level 1 course.  They are also USSF, USC and UEFA certified.

We understand and appreciate some coaches may not want to coach "The BHM Futsal Way" and that is absolutely okay. We respect a diverse background and will never say our way is the right way. However, we do mandate the coaches in our program believe in our philosophy.

Our directors have extensive experience in the Youth Sports environment. They are also National coach educators, certified teachers as well as Athletic Directors so our approach is aimed at creating the best learning environment that futsal can provide.

Absolutely! We welcome players through the course of the season. Should it be an appropriate fit players may be invited to join our National Academy Program. Should you wish to bring someone, we recommend you have them reach out to prior to attending. However, if this is not possible, please note, all guest players attending must fill out this form for liability but also to ensure they understand what is expected of players who attend a ATL Futsal session.

It is the belief of ATL Futsal that behavior is THE determining factor when it comes to on and off the court success. Technical prowess and tactical knowledge are pillars of the game and must be taught. However, the psycho-social aspect is often forgotten or overlooked but forms the basis of every technical, physical and tactical action.

ATL Futsal place a huge emphasis on developing leadership skills, accountability and strong psychological players. We are incredibly proud to offer all our National Academy players access to renowned Sports Psychologist, Dan Abrahams online psychology program. With the Dan Abrahams program combined with our philosophy on behavior, we believe we are putting our players in the best possible environment to achieve this

Dan Abraham has extensive experience in the professional game and has worked with organizations like Bournemouth FC in the English Premier League, He has worked with the English National Ruby Team and coached across other sports such as Baseball and the PGA. To read more about Dan and his great work, click here​