Southern Futsal - Knoxville

Lil Ballers


In order for players to love the game, they must be able to play, have fun and be challenged. Our program is not about the coach, it is about the player and the environment we create. We teach games for understanding, we test for players understanding using a variety of techniques but more importantly we give them enough content to challenge them but not overwhelm them.

​Our main focus is on the players being accountable for their success and behavior.

We use programs which teach that 'Behavior Determines Your Outcome'.

The players also help define the level of success in each activity. What does it look like?. How do you know? How long can we maintain that for? Can you see when the performance drops? What can you do about it?

​We have found that players can use this in practices but more importantly in games. They can hold each other accountable for their performance, behavior and effort. We are not coaching them to just win the game, we are teaching them strategies to perform on a consistent basis and become leaders.





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